Suicide Or Something Else: Are The World’s Bankers In Danger?

It started off with one of the world’s bankers committing suicide, and now the number is up to nine. Are there hidden problems in the banking world that the public does not yet know about?

The Suicides Begin

The first two bankers went quietly, one jumping to his death after confirming that he would be home in time for dinner, and the next international banker simply hung himself in his home. While the two suicides did occur in an extremely short period of time, it is by no means unheard of for stressed bankers to suddenly leap to their deaths.

And then the third suicide happened. This time the bank executive did not work at JP Morgan, instead it was a Deutsche Bank executive who followed their example. Speculation widened as a fourth investment banker apparently committed suicide, and this time the connections could not be ignored.

This time the unfortunate banker was the chief economist for Russell Investments, Mike Dueker who was found dead of alongside a Washington State highway. What makes this suicide exceptional is that the out of shape banker suddenly became a world class athlete.

The fifty year old banker chose to make a statement with his impressive jump over a 4 foot fence and then throw himself down a 50 foot embankment. It seems that simply jumping off a bridge or a building was not enough of a challenge.

Fact Might Be Stranger Than Fiction

By now experts are speculating and rumors are beginning to fly. Remember the banking fiasco in Greece? It seems that the petrol dollar may have had something to do with the country’s bailout. Underneath Greece’s national waters lies a vast reserve of oil and gas. Whoever saves the country gets a piece of the oil. Were the suicidal bankers on to something?

They were conducted an investigation into certain international banking practices. Is someone getting nervous?

Just when experts were beginning to believe that the suicides were simply one of the hazards of the job, a fifth international banker commits suicide.

As the strange and tragic story continues to unfold, the link between the bankers becomes even more solid. Interviews with fellow employees and a long and extensive paper trail led investigators to realize that the recently deceased bankers not only knew each other, they were all working on similar international banking investigations. Hedge funds, oil, and possible gold market crashes are all being covered in the ongoing investigation.

After the ridiculous apparent suicides, someone decided to get a little more creative. David Bird, who just happens to be the oil markets reporter for the Wall Street Journal has vanished. After 20 years of steady and informative investigative reporting, he simply disappeared and has not been seen or heard from since January 11th 2014.

Coincidences are Getting Harder to Ignore

As second death from the oil, gas, and solar sector came when the managing director of Tata Motors, who also happens to be part of the larger global empire of Cyrus P. Mistry power generation business. Karl Slym apparently decided to jump to his death from his high rise hotel room. No one knows why.

As the suicides continue, all eyes are beginning to turn to the Danish market. The Danes are using the same hedge fund ploy as the Greeks did to supplement their lagging economy. Once again, billions of dollars of oil deposits are on the table and the same super powers are eyeballing the potential windfall for themselves.

Did the bankers discover something?

It would seem that the bankers may have been on to something. With the rapid succession of the next three suicides, the total was at an astonishing eight bankers dead by self-inflicted means. Was the market getting ready to crash?

The death of the ninth banker has finally confirmed what many others already feared, there was a conspiracy going on. An anonymous source predicted that a prominent American banker would “expire” on February 5th 2014.

Introducing the Mysterious “V”

A mysterious renegade economist, “V” has been steadily feeding tidbits of information concerning the bankers’ deaths, and is helping to connect the dots. The bankers were being murdered and the death of American James Stuart, the former CEO of the National Bank of Commerce, confirms this.

The deaths of the bankers are linked not only to Greece’s recent default on their loans that had used hedge funds as collateral, but with the super powers willing to let the Danish do the same thing, it means that the big guys will eventually control the newly discovered oil and all the profits.

As the world watches, we will wait to see what happens in the global banking world. Will China, U.S. and the Central Banks continue to support what will probably turn into an economic disaster for the Danish people, or has the strange apparent suicides of the bankers put enough of a spotlight on the situation to save the Danish economy?

Only time will tell if their deaths were in vain.

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