New Chilling Evidence Reveals The Year America Will Experience The Most Catastrophic Event Ever!

“It has never looked more promising from a biblical standpoint that this is exactly what is getting ready to happen…” 

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There is yet ANOTHER Solar Eclipse that has drawn little attention from the prophecy experts. If all the news of earthquakes, including the recent record-breaker in Oklahoma, isn’t enough, wait until you see what has been uncovered not only in the Bible, but in  history and the news, in relation to some major events that have taken place and that ‘will’ take place in the “VERY” near future! The facts that line up with prophecy are not only chilling, but undeniable! See here for yourself in the feature video below! You will be ‘shaken’!

As we cover the Four Blood Red Moon Tetrad and it’s effects, and the Solar Eclipses and their effects during the Historical and Biblical years of 2014 and 2015, there is yet ANOTHER Solar Eclipse that has drawn little attention from the prophecy experts Evangelist Michael Parker

As the fate of America is revealed before our eyes, and judgment is passed upon it, my only question to you is..”what will it take for you to stop rejecting Christ, and accept him as your Lord and Savior?”

What will it take for you to be serious about your faith and sell out to Christ?

What will it take for you to repent of your sin and stop living on the fence and be holy, and be faithful to your christian walk with Christ?

Will it take being left here during the tribulation period to experience everything a rejecting world will experience? Or will you come to Christ right now..just as you are..and fall upon bended knee begging him to forgive you and repent of your sin?

The choice is yours! However, from a biblical, world, and scientific standpoint, I would choose Christ if you don’t know Him as your Lord and Savior because our time on this planet is just about over!


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