Photos Of Pro-Trump ‘Rally’ Appear Online–And They’re Embarrassing

[distractify] Donald Trump is constantly commenting on the size of his crowds that turn up for his events. It’s a point of pride for the president.

His recent gatherings, however, have been a bit underwhelming. Like a pro-Trump rally in Arizona that saw a lot of people leaving early and the few that did stay, seem uninterested in what was happening, opting to talk to their friends and browse on their cell phones.

So when a pro-Trump, “mother of all rallies,” was launched in D.C., people were interested in seeing what the turnout would be. And as it happens, it was great…if you consider photos of empty lawns great.

The photos say it all.

Some wanted to know when the pics were taken, you know, because maybe this is before the event actually started or when it ended and people were cleaning up.


Of course, people had tons of jokes told in typical Trump fashion to commemorate such a resounding success for the rally.

While others posted the “truth,” which was an homage to the time Trump supporters were duped by a picture of the 2016 Cavs Victory parade.

It might be worth mentioning that not a single Republican elected official attended the rally, either, so Trump shouldn’t feel too bad.


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