Harvard Study Proves Apple Purposely Slows Down Old iPhones in Order to Sell Millions of New Models

[BannedInfo] It seems as though the Apple company has been taking some pretty drastic measures in order to sell their new products, and Americans are getting more and more ticked off.

Companies have been using similar methods for years, and it almost seems as though we’ve become used to being screwed over, but what Apple has been up to is a little different.

Apple comes out with a new model of the iPhone every so often, and every single time a new model comes out it seems like millions of Americans have their hearts set on getting their hands on the newest model. Now, think about this trick. What if Apple were to make their older models slower as new models come out?

Well, people have been complaining that, ironically enough, their Apple products seem to become slower and slower right before a new model of that product is released… and they aren’t just imagining things.

A Harvard University study has just been released, and they did what a lot of people with Google Trends could do. They explained that Google searches for “iPhone slow” have had specific spikes throughout the years. They spike every single time a new iPhone model is released.

Laura Trucco performed the study, and it also compared the results to “Samsung Galaxy slow” search results. Trucco found that the same spike pattern in searches didn’t happen before the release of new Samsung phone models.

This theory has been presented before, and with good reason. A New York Times writer had put it out there that Apple may actually be configuring their new operating systems to only work correctly on brand new devices.

Writer Catherine Rampell said:

When major innovations remain out of reach, and degrading durability threatens to tick off loyal customers, companies like Apple can still take a cue from the fashion industry.

Americans need to understand how these corporations really work. They purposely make devices to fail when new ones are coming out. They hire experts in efficiency in order to get the biggest profit out of every single product they make. Although, not all corporations are exactly the same, they all have tricks to making money… if they’re successful.


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