Here’s What Trump Is Talking About Instead of the Fact That 3.4M Americans Have No Electricity

[22Words] You’re probably aware that in the past few weeks, Hurricane’s Irma and Maria wrecked the island of Puerto Rico, leaving buildings razed, people dead, and millions without electricity, with no clean water, and with dwindling food supplies.

You might also be aware that Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, making more than 3.5 million residents of the island citizens of the United States.

You are definitely privy to the fact that our President, Donald Trump, likes to tweet. A LOT. And he tweeted a whopping 17 times between Saturday and Monday. But how many of those tweets were expressing sympathy or support or pledging resources to help the people of Puerto Rico?

Exactly zero. Let’s take a look at he chose to tweet about instead.


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