Vegas Bartender Holds Strangers Hand As He Died ‘I Just Couldn’t Leave Him’

[GoodFullness] A Canadian citizen, Jordan McIldoon, was fatally shoot in the massacre that occurred in Las Vegas, but he did not have to die alone. Heather Gooze stayed on his side for over 5 hours despite the fact that she had never met him before.

When she was asked by “As It Happens” what drove her to stay with a stranger she simply said “I couldn’t just leave him by himself”.

Heather was working as a bartender at the Country Music Harvest Festival Route 91 on Sunday, just before the shooting started.

She explained: “I had a British gentlemen’s credit card in my hand and was like swiping it through the machine to charge for his Budweiser when all of a sudden there was thousands of people pushing their way into the bar and screaming and saying ‘Shooter!”

Her first instinct was to run outside and look for a safe haven, but something inside her stopped her in her tracks. Within seconds injured people stared to pour into the bar. Many of the injured were seriously injured and carried on make-shift stretchers by other visitors to safety – the true heroes.

People were holding on to other people. Some guy was dragging another man who was shot by his fingers. Just when she was done helping a man with a headshot wound onto an ambulance, another man was dragged into the room. The young man was bleeding on a make-shift stretcher made of a piece of security fence.

Heather was unable to turn away from this dying young man and she grabbed his hand. She could feel his hand tighten around her fingers just before he succumbed to his injuries and died. Seconds after she realized that he was dead, his phone started ringing.

On the phone was a friend of the young man and Heather had to tell him that his friend just had died. She did however learn the name of the young victim. His name was Jordan McIldoon from Maple Ridge in Canada. Heather wrote his name on her arm and found him on Facebook and sent message to his family to let them know about the tragedy that just had happened.

Once again the phone rang and this time Jordan’s mother was on the phone. She told Heather that Jordan went to the festival with his girlfriend Amber. Heather took down Amber’s number and tried to reach her as well. After a little while she finally got through and found out that Amber was safe, hiding out in a basement at the Tropicana hotel.

Amber asked with panic in her voice if Jordan was ok. Heather was hesitant to tell Amber that her boyfriend had vanished, but ultimately told her that he was gone. Immediately Amber broke down and was begging Heather to check again, to make sure that he was not breathing. Heather quietly confirmed that she was with him for hours now and that he was gone.

When Amber started crying that he was the love her life and that he can’t be gone, Heather promised that she would not leave his side until they were reconnected.

Shortly after Jordan’s mother called back and told her more details about Jordan, including his childhood nick name Blimpy. Heather repeated her promise to stay with him.

When all was said and done she stayed with Jordan’s body for over 5 hours, acting a s liaison between his friends and family until finally police arrived and evacuated the survivors.

Jordan was just one of 59 people that died that night. Another 500+ people were injured in this senseless massacre. But people like Heather showed the world that even in the midst of the worst massacre in American modern history humanity and decency stayed strong and will stay strong.


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