This Is The Main Reason Why Commercial Airlines Avoid To Fly Over Tibet

[AFTW] There are many reasons involved and of course, there are no Big Foot in the area … Don’t worry about it!

The map

This map is showing the plane routes for the Asia for a given calendar and as you can notice, most of the neither of planes are flying over the Tibet region … If you wonder why, here is the answer.

Big Foot cannot fly so don’t worry, that’s not the reason why planes avoid traveling through this region

The altitude

Actually, the average height here is 16000 feet above the level of the sea. Any case of an emergency landing would be impossible here in the first place …

If you manage to land somehow, nobody would be able to inhale, as humans can only inhale oxygen only below 12000 feet above the sea level!! So, emergency landing would be like a suicide …

The radar

At this height, communications are impossible …

The radar services are not available here, literally … What does that mean? In case that the pilot had to ask or say something … there won’t be any microphone in his hand …

Main reason

Actually, the main reason is that there are no circle routes through here that are good … Means that, there is no much traffic covering big cities and places passing through the area of Tibet

Few Russian & Chinese airlines fly over this region here and there, but the number of flights covering this area is very low …

You can actually check this fact by visiting a library with a 3D globe and see how many major destinations fall directly through the Tibet region. Shockingly, there are only a few. For example, Heathrow airport, which is one of the largest airports in the world, has only four routes that fly over Tibet region.

Not India directly

One more reason that counts is that all the polar routes from North America do not fly to Asia through India directly. India is out of range for most of the aircraft.

The most of the European or American flights entering Asia go through Dubai as that option is faster and cheaper and it is Dubai. So, these are concrete reasons why Tibet is untouched by flights all over the world!


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